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Polish musher, multiple Polish and European champion and world champion of dog harness races and bikejoring. He started his adventure with bicycle in 1992, and in the years 1995-2000 he created and organized the Harpagan extreme orienteering cycling marathon. He has worked as a mountaineer and diver, he has trained climbers and high-altitude workers. He has been working with sled dogs since 2001 and trains young people in sledding and cycling. He travels all over the world with his sled dogs taking part in top-level competitions, he is also a renowned coach, and he conducts seminars and trainings for competitors beyond Poland's and Europe's borders. Currently, he has 13 sled dogs, every dog has a sporting pension in his kennel, the oldest are 16 years old and enjoy excellent health. He is also an ambassador of the Expand- brand and personally tests and checks the quality of products before they are introduced to the market. Due to his passion, Expand products are tested in extremely difficult conditions!

Bikejoring- is one of the sleddog sports, where the mountain biker is supported by the power of a sled dog over a distance of 5-7km, together they can reach average speeds in the field up to 40km/h and maximum up to 50km/h. The dog reacts only to the biker's verbal commands and is harnessed to the bike by means of a 2 - 3 meter elastic rope.